Client feedback

Feedback from our clients has been overwhelmingly positive.  The following examples are typical:

“CHAS is an invaluable organization which has supported me through many housing issues that have caused considerable distress for a disabled lady like myself.  The dedication from the staff of CHAS is inspiring and humbling.  It would be a fearful loss if this service disappears.  Thank you for your help” – Disabled woman with mental and physical health problems needing a transfer to larger accommodation so that she could have a carer stay overnight.  Successfully rehoused.

“I would like to say a big thank you for all you’ve done.  I could never have done this without you.  You have been fantastic through all this” – 38-year old mother of 5 children, two with severe disabilities living in an overcrowded private rented house, referred by Missing Link Housing Association.  The landlord wanted to sell the property and issued a Notice Requiring Possession, threatening the family with imminent homelessness.  CHAS (Bristol) helped the family to secure emergency priority for rehousing on health grounds.  The family were then successfully rehoused to a permanent council house just before eviction by court order, preventing their homelessness.

“That’s brilliant! I can’t believe all the obstacles fell away and I got that flat.  It was the best one.  It’s been a tough year and this is so positive” Single man with severe mental health issues referred to CHAS (Bristol) by his counsellor.  Needing urgent transfer from supported housing (where his situation was made worse by the murder of another tenant in the property).  Successfully rehoused to independent and permanent home closer to his family.

 “I am getting the keys today!  Thanks a million for all your help and support throughout this journey”. Single parent with two young children in a Council house suffering from vermin infestation due to rats living in the cavity walls attracted by rubbish in neighbour’s garden. Her children had also been racially abused by neighbours. CHAS (Bristol) successfully challenged the Council’s refusal to take action and following a formal complaint and inspection by a surveyor, CHAS (Bristol) secured the family a transfer to alternative, safer accommodation and an award of compensation to cover removal and relocation costs.

“I would like to thank CHAS (Bristol) for helping and supporting me throughout my problems…where I have moved to now is much better.  My children and I are so much happier!”    48-year old single mother of 2 children, who had suffered serious racial harassment from her neighbour, including a swastika erected outside her house and an arson attack.  Thanks to CHAS (Bristol)’s help and advice, the family was successfully rehoused.

“I just wanted to thank you for all your efforts around helping find more suitable accommodation.  As you know he has now moved to a better place and […] so far is getting on well”   Support Worker, speaking about an autistic young man in supported housing who had been served notice by his landlord.  CHAS (Bristol)’s advice and advocacy helped him to be rehoused, thereby preventing homelessness.

 “I totally overworried and you really helped me to calm downI just wanted to say a big thank you for all the help you have given me…”  Woman with mental health problems and two young children living in a Council flat, plagued by noise and disturbance.

“I must honestly say a big thank you.  I appreciate all that you have done for me through my times of troubles and needs.  God bless.”    49-year old disabled woman, homeless following domestic and financial abuse by her husband, leaving her £23,000 in debt and facing bankruptcy.  With CHAS (Bristol)’s support, she was rehoused to a supported Housing Association tenancy.

I’m sorry the whole episode caused sleepless nights (to you and I both)…Thank you for all your help”.  CAB adviser, seeking advice on a 39-year old man with physical and mental health problems who had been suffering harassment and threats of violence from other residents in a privately rented shared house.