Contact Us

Telephone: (0117) 9351260

As a small service we cannot always answer the phone but please do leave a voicemail as we pick them up regularly.

Please note – On Wednesday 29th May there may be some disruption to our phone lines due to essential maintenance work


Contact Address: CHAS (Bristol), PO Box 2219, Bristol, BS6 9LG

Opening Hours

We are usually open for advice on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Comments and Complaints

Your comments and compliments can assist us greatly in developing our services as well as help secure funding in the future.

If you would like to comment on our services generally, or if you would like to compliment CHAS (Bristol) on how your case was handled, please email us at or write to us at Housing Advice Service,  PO Box 2219, Bristol, BS6 9LG.

Making a complaint

CHAS (Bristol) aims to provide you with a high standard of service. In order to ensure that standards are maintained and that you can have confidence in the service provided,  we have developed a complaints procedure.

What  might constitute a complaint:

The following are given as examples.  You may feel:

– you have been given the wrong advice

–  the behaviour of a member of staff has been poor

–  the general level of service you have received has been poor

How to complain

Please contact the CHAS (Bristol) office on (0117) 935 1260 or email us at

and ask for a complaints form.  When you receive the form,  please complete it and send it to the Secretary,   2 Alma Road, Clifton, Bristol BS8 2BY.

Once the Secretary of CHAS has received your complaint, he/she will investigate it, and respond to you in writing within 21 days.   This response will outline the result of the investigation and, if upheld, what action has been taken to stop it happening in the future. If the Secretary of CHAS is unavailable to deal with your complaint, it will be dealt with by the Chair of the CHAS (Bristol) Management Committee.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome, you can make a written request that the matter be referred to the CHAS (Bristol) Management Committee.  You will be advised of the date of the Meeting and will be notified within 21 days of the Meeting.  The Committee’s decision is final.

You may be asked to attend an office to be interviewed by the Secretary, Chairperson or a representative of the Management Committee

CHAS will not act on anonymous complaints if they concern a member of staff. If there is any reason to believe that the complaint has any foundation, we will strive to find ways of asking the anonymous complainant to identify themselves confidentially e.g. to a member of the Management Committee.